Giants, Highview, and McMichael's Creek EP

by no worries.

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a demo of two older songs written sometime in 2010-2011. recorded on a macbook in basements, tiny rooms, and with friends.


released March 25, 2012

thank you jack mccarthy for recording vocals and mixing. seriously made this sound a lot better than it would have been.



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no worries. Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Giants, Highview, and McMichael's Creek
you were a canary to me,
i need your calling tonight,
because i'm falling tonight,
taking every last breath from me,
i need your calling tonight,
because i'm losing this fight,

we're on the "to-do" list tonight,
it has me choking on light,
your schedule is fucking us over,

i know it's dark but my conscience is beating,
i've got this feeling that our lungs are still breathing,
i'm on your role call, my name's on your role call,

she left me here.
i'm out of life boats my dear.
Track Name: My Parker
when i thought we were relations of wastelands,
she led me through,
gripping tightly to my hand towards the shade,
where the notions were clear and assumptions were made,

the thorns and the weeds at the soles of my feet had cut me as deep as the soul in mcmichael's creek
she said, "don't let me fall asleep"

so we can run farther and farther away

we laid around in foreign arms by the stream bed,
thinking over the words that she had said in the leaves,
where she had told me the story of giants and queens,

you stole everything from my heart as we drifted away from the place that i thought that we both were
you think i'd know it'd be that hard

for us to run farther and farther away

was it worth it?
you said that i ought to be perfect
what did i do to deserve this?
let's just try to be different,

let's just try to be different...